About us


The Founder of Sajawat Couture

Azhar Ali is the founder of Sajawat Couture. With his vast experience of over 15 years in the fashion industry, he has proven his worth to the market. Sajawat Couture is a venture created by him to make sure that he could introduce India’s cultural beauty and mix it with the contemporary world to bring about something extremely unique which started an entirely new fashion wave in the industry. He is known to be true to his Indian roots and set up a base to inspire the crowd of Brisbane, Australia as he exposes them to an entirely new fashion dynamic that has never been explored in the city.

“I have always loved Indian traditional wear and to be able to globalize its beauty has been an old dream of mine. My goal of establishing Sajawat Couture was motivated by the thought of being able to share the beauty and poise of Indian wear with the rest of the world and blend together Indian fashion with some western pieces to make every look as breathtaking and one of a kind”


Azhar Ali

About the Company


Sajawat Couture is an established boutique which specializes in couture Indian wear, designer jewelry, custom made bridal wear and Indian men fashion wear. We take care of our styles, designs, and make sure that our customers get exactly what they want. At Sajawat, we guarantee to put together an amazing outfit that will be the exact representation of what you’ve dreamed of when you think about buying a traditional Indian outfit. Our team has the best taste when it comes to hand picking beautiful styles and silhouettes which are trendy and in fashion to make your look even more chic. Combining the best of the world, we can offer our customers a range of fabrics and colors which help you look your best without compromising a bit on the quality.


Our team ensures that every one of our pieces has the best possible quality which will always make you come back for more.


Every piece available on our website is designer and of high quality yet still extremely affordable making us your first option when it comes to ethnic wear.

Global Reach

We hire designers and don’t shy away from getting inspired from influencers all over the world to satisfy your every need when it comes to Indian fashion.

Unique design-

Our team has a talented group of designers who work day and night to make sure that our designs are unique yet exquisite to make you fall in love.