Best outfit options for summer weddings!

As you get dressed for the day and realize that you don’t need to put on stockings and tie another elegant knot on your trusty scarf, it’s impossible to stop smiling at the idea of ​​summer in full bloom. Lazy days were spent having barbecues in parks and backyards, putting off almost everything because of the need to rest in the sun and meetings that are canceled or quickly moved outdoors to enjoy the fabulous weather. Although all of these things are the essential sum total of a truly magical summer, there is another event that sums up this experience for many: the Indian Summer Wedding. There is nothing more beautiful, more colorful or more pleasant than an Indian wedding in summer. Anyone who has experienced an Indian wedding in the summer will attest that the warm weather is the cherry on top of the famous Indian hospitality. But with all things Indian, this also varies in diversity depending on where you live because what may be a nice sunny spot for some may also be a hellish sweat-infused nightmare for others. Temperature variations aside, all Indian summer weddings have a need to dress up, introduce yourself and shake a leg as a mandatory requirement, so it is never a bad idea to start with those summer wedding outfits of India sooner rather than later.

Soothing colors

Weddings and Indian Summer Cream are a couple made in a paradise of comfort. The neutral color is a fantastic base for all kinds of color combinations, it repels heat during those crucial hours of tearing up the dance floor and makes you look absolutely balanced and polished for any occasion. Indian designers have always loved the tone that encompasses it repeatedly for spring and summer collections. The want for cream-colored embroidered lucknowi and chickankari fabrics is real. They provide all the drama and flair required of an Indian summer wedding outfit without the heavy feeling of royal embellishment.

Flary Florals

Indian fashion is having a fiery flowery love story that doesn’t seem to cool off anytime soon. Floral motifs still dominate the collections of various designers and there is no better match for Indian summer weddings. Embroidered, printed, embossed or woven floral designs are incorporated in all shapes and sizes for each type of garment. With an endless choice of color combinations, floral clothing is for those who are not concerned with standing out. And the trend is not limited to ladies only, as more and more handsome gentlemen have turned to sporty floral designs. Indian designer Ace Sabyasachi Mukherjee has created not one but two collections with the floral theme

Bright lights

If an Indian summer wedding for you involves scorching heat and large amounts of unpleasant sweating, then light, airy but brightly colored suits are the order of the day. Solid colors are not only slimming, but they also make a statement enough to eliminate unnecessary shine that only increases the discomfort factor. While lightweight fabrics are a godsend for the days when you have no choice but to smile and put up with it in high temperatures. There’s always a risk of going down the route too casually, not fancy enough when it comes to such outfits, so it’s best to proceed with caution when making your selections.

Pastel shades

There would be a list of possible Indian summer wedding outfits without including cakes. Unlike bright, solid colors, pastel shades need smart experimentation with subtle silhouettes and embroidery for extra thrust. Famous Indian designers have always loved these classic colors that create more pleasing contrasting combinations and give them the freedom to go crazy creating various cuts and shapes. The refined color palette also works fabulously for Indian wedding outfits for men who are unwilling to experiment with light colors, as well as for women who prefer their more delicate appeal.

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