Trend Guide 2020

Gone are the days when Indian clothing was limited to traditional designs. Modern Indian fashion is about mixing practicality with modern style. In 2020, using Indian fashion trends is about finding a way to show your unique, modern perspective and personal style. So if you’re looking to learn about Indian fashion trends, here you go! With so many new things in store for us, let’s not waste time and check out the latest Indian clothing trends in saris, suits, dresses and leggings that every Indian fashionista will try this year.

1. Pre draped saris, dupattas and drapes

2020 Indian fashion is all about being dupatta-ness and pre-draped silhouettes. Wondering what’s the trendiest trend in India right now? That’s it! We are seeing pre-draped sarees, cholis, and kurtas with built-in dupattas. We are seeing so many styles and designs in this trend. Some cholis have loose fabrics attached in the front that go over each shoulder like a semi-dupatta. While some have long pieces of fabric attached at the back to give the illusion of dupatta length. Some have sleeve-extended fabrics attached to the sides of the shoulders, which flow down like cape-dupattas-or-something. Still others have fabrics wrapped around the choli or kurti to make it look like there’s some coverage. All this in an attempt to reduce dupatta headache. All of these designs look very stylish and so elegantly Indo-Western, making them perfect for girls who, like me, hate to rearrange the dupatta throughout the event. Perfect for formal wear as well as your own engagement.

2.  Belts

From saris to lehengas, from anarkalis to suits, belts are everywhere on the Indian fashion scene in 2020. In fact, we started seeing belted saris in 2016, and this year, they are still trend # 2. So belts are here to stay. Look for metal belts over your loose kurtas and pair them with matching robes. Or add an embellished belt to hold your dupatta with your lehenga or Anarkali. Or have your dressmaker make you a wide belt in the same fabric as your lehenga or sari. You can also opt for belted Kurtis like peplum blouses to wear with long skirts or pants. You can choose a belt style that suits your body type, such as slim belts that work best for little women and girls pear-shaped. Wide belts look good in tall, rectangular shapes. Belts add structure to the entire outfit and are definitely an essential statement accessory in your trousseau or Indian wardrobe.

3. Peplum

Peplum tops are those that have a belted frame and flare at the waist. I love peplums because they make the waist appear narrower by adding volume to the hips. With their unique look, peplum blouses have taken their rightful place among the latest fashion trends in India. Peplums look feminine without showing any skin, so they work perfectly for Indian occasions where you want to dress modestly. Go for a peplum choli with your lehenga for your best friend or your cousin’s wedding. To make her look more elegant and real, look for a peplum top with her sari. Or wear a peplum kurta with a lehenga skirt or dhoti pants.

4. Puff Sleeves

When sewing any Indian outfit, we always wonder if we should go sleeveless or sleeveless. However, you don’t have to go for saree tops and lehenga cholis with boring ol sleeves. Indian ethnic ensembles with a three-dimensional and fluid touch that is what each celebrity wears this season. Ruffled sleeves are the performance statement craze that emerged from Paris Fashion Week. We have already been wearing loose, fluffy sleeves on western blouses. But in 2020, designers will add ruffles to choli’s sleeves, blouses, dresses, and dresses. Ruffle sleeve outfits not only look glamorous but also give that princess feel. They look so good in the photos, due to that pettiness and they look straight from fashion magazines! Wear them for kitty parties, fashion events, and wedding cocktail nights for a flattering and sexy look cap

5. Capes

Capes are back from medieval Europe and designers are defending lehengas, saris and caped dresses. Even suits with capes. We saw designers on the catwalks inventing layers that touched the ground and crops combined with all kinds of ethnic clothing. In fact, capes are also one of the latest western fashion trends in India. Inspired by the haute couture dresses with a cape at Paris Fashion Week, you can choose this trend for your engagement, your friend or cousin’s wedding or family party. The main trend in layers is to try long layers that sweep the floor with lehengas or saris. If not, go for a short jacket with saris. For more casual outfits, you can opt for layers with hip-length pants. Or try a waist-length cape with dhoti pants or long skirts.

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