Your Skincare guide for this wedding season!

Your skincare can make or break your wedding look. Of course, makeup is magic, but a good foundation is one of the most important factors in getting excellent makeup. Plus, your skin is important on days when you won’t have to airbrush your makeup, and yet you’ll be photographed.

1. Don’t leave it until the last minute to think about your skin: the longer you have to correct any skin problem, the better! The use of products containing AHA (exfoliating acids) will help to remove dead skin cells, which tend to accumulate and leave our complexions dull and lifeless. By removing this dead layer, your skin will look fresher and more vibrant. Just remember to use a good SPF to avoid exposing your skin to damage.

2. Don’t try any new products until three weeks before your wedding, this includes skincare, haircare, makeup, and even powdered detergent! Any kind of reaction, it could take a couple of weeks to calm down, which is the last thing you need before your big day.

3. Start drinking green tea, preferably every day. Not only can this help with weight loss, along with a good diet and exercise regimen, of course, but many people swear by its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help lighten skin and reduce acne.

4. Do you want to lose a few pounds before your wedding? Be sure to use a nourishing moisturizer all over your body daily, as weight fluctuations can cause stretch marks. It is important to keep the skin well-nourished: look for ingredients like vitamin E.

5. If you are dieting, remember to take a good multivitamin supplement too. If you don’t have the right amount of nutrients your body needs, it will show up on your hair, skin, and nails. Omega oils are also great for the skin and body. Glutathione is an antioxidant that improves the effectiveness of other vital antioxidants in our bodies. Scientific studies show that its effectiveness is greatly improved when combined with vitamin C. Together, this dynamic duo generates a significantly brighter complexion when applied to the skin’s surface.

6. Do you suffer from red spots and rough skin on the upper arms, thighs, and buttocks? This is a condition called keratosis pilaris, and although it is not curable, it can be kept under control by using a moisturizer containing glycolic acid or salicylic acid daily.

7. If you are getting married abroad or in the summer, you should be aware of the skincare of your wedding. Be sure to use SPF50 every day, starting 4 weeks before the wedding. Don’t risk sunbathing – you don’t want to marry like a lobster! Even if you are tanning instead of burning, you may still have unsightly strap marks that will mar your wedding photos, so keep reapplying that sunscreen. Don’t forget your ears, lips, and the back of your neck.

8. To avoid any fake tanning disaster on the big day, reserve a spray tan the day before to avoid blemishes. Make sure you have a trial tan beforehand to make sure the color fits you well and to avoid any chance of a reaction.

9. If you regularly suffer from cold sores, talk to your GP about taking a mild daily antiviral in the run-up to your wedding; this can help prevent an outbreak.

10. If you have blackheads or hormonal dots on your chin, try using a salicylic acid product as part of your skincare regimen. This will help gently exfoliate the skin and clean the pores. Salicylic acid also has an anti-inflammatory effect, making it ideal for inflamed spots. Perfect for particularly sensitive skin, this silky serum-containing Mandelic Acid and Salicylic Gel will unclog blocked pores and exfoliate accumulated dead cells.

11. Beautiful bridal makeup starts with good skin – no foundation will look perfect without a smooth, exfoliated foundation. Once you’ve honed your skincare regimen, try a matte primer to keep your foundation longer and keep oil at bay.

12. If you have a lot of redness from acne, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a short course of hydrocortisone, which can dramatically help reduce discoloration.

13. Stress can cause flare-ups, which is unfortunate, as the period leading up to your wedding day can be an extremely stressful time. Download a meditation app or get a CD and meditate daily to try to keep your stress levels under control. Yoga can also help calm the mind and balance the body.

14. There will be a lot of focus on your hands on your big day, so keep them in top condition. Massage sweet almond oil daily into your hands and nails, and for your big day your nails will be stronger and your hands will be super soft. If your hands tend to be flaky, you can also make a DIY scrub by mixing a little olive oil and sugar. Use it to gently exfoliate, then moisten with your sweet almond oil.

15. Finally, don’t forget your lips. Use a good quality lip balm and reapply it regularly throughout the day. Do this for at least a week before your wedding and your lips will be wonderfully soft and smooth.

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